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Darkness087's Completely Pointless Megatokyo Source Page
T3h L1|\|k463
The Holy Freak Regime Manifesto

Just Killin' Space

This space is just filler.  I designed this page as a link-source thingamajiger for my work within the Megatokyo Forums.  One day I may actually use this space, but at the present time, this is a hub for my many completely pointless MT-related projects.  Contained within so far are the "Freak Regime Manifesto," which is just a fancy title for the forumite list of what us freaks and otaku would do if we conquered the world, and a set of links to other Megatokyo fansites.  That's about it for now.
MT Forumite and member of the CoM


Megatokyo is a copyright of Fred Gallagher and Fredart L.L.C.  I'm just an obsessed fan, nothing to see here...