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Darkness087's Completely Pointless Megatokyo Source Page
The Holy Freak Regime Manifesto


T3h L1|\|k463
The Holy Freak Regime Manifesto

or "What us freaks and otaku would do if we ruled the world..."
Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed within are not neccesarily those of Darkness087 or Fred Gallagher.  They are purely their writers' own, meant for solely humorous purposes (I hope...^^;;;;).

Note that contributors to this lunacy are depicted with their respective MT forum avatars.  Sex, race, age, etc. of avatar are not nececarily representative of their respective forumites.  Forumites featured without avatars do not have avatars at the present time to Darkness's knowledge.  He attempts to keep up to date on all contributors current avatars, but may be slightly behind at times.  Sorry ^^;;;



- Officially declare repetitive flaming against the law.
- Have at least one cosplay holiday a year.
- Lower the cost of video games, manga and anime.
- Allow Pandas to apply for citizenships (I like Pandas).



- We can do the freaky happy dance and not get laughed at.

- Make it a school requirement to learn everything about l337
- All teachers must be l337 certifried
- English should be a replaced with l337 class
- School field trips will consist of going to arcades and practicing there l337 skillz.



- Sit down and watch FLCL.
- Launch an elephant into space using an anal placed rocket.
- Use a toilet bowl to rule the world.
- Begin to make MT toilet paper.
- Become Great Teachers.
- Use a rubber ducky to inflict fear on the bystanders.



- Declare a national anime/manga day.
- Force all men to wear those dramatically manly clothes while the women all wear school uniforms.
- Arrest Michael Jackson for being Michael Jackson.
- Kill all the normal people... *Looks around and cries* They scare me!!!
- Buy a new computer and name him George-Bob!
- Kill Sony and create a new gaming system!


~P|-|34R M3

- Destroy Texas
- Give Canada a ton of weapons of mass destruction.
- Chainsaw Bill Gate's face off.
- Call down hostile alien forces to destroy the Earth, then kill them all with something freaky and steal all their freaky technology.

- Have Britain lead the European Union into blissful Fascism.
- Make smiley face crop circles.
- Screw babies, I'll start putting children between the ages 3-10 on spikes! [See why I have disclaimers?!--Darkness087]




- Tokyo will be renamed Megatokyo.
- Jpop and jrock be played on radio stations outside of Japan.
- Further research be made in the field of giant robots.
- Some major cities should be renamed after MT characters.
- Free high speed internet for all, and the like.
- Trolls should be punished for their actions under our new law.




- Make videogaming a sport.
- Change the name of the U.S to Bob.
- Ban the use of any game system not sony.
- Kill bill gates with an x-box and use his money to build E.D.S and giant robots.
- Make research in to plastic surgery allowing people to look like anime characters .
- Clone a centuar BECAUSE CENTUARS ARE COOL (not the crappy ones in harry potter <("<))!




- Kill Goegre Bush (I've bagzyed this!).
- Make it illegal to be normal.
- Free choclate for alll!
- Knight stick's for eveyone!
- Gaming is a legal requirement.



- Add the word "w00t" to the dictionary.
- Make l33t the official language of the New United Nations.
- Instead of jailing prisoners, tie them to chairs and make them watch all the old Care Bear episodes.
- Make all schools adopt MT g34r as their official school uniforms.
- Make Tux the Linux Penguin the Official bird of the U.S.A. (take that, you balding eagles!).
- Make every child under the age of 5 learn BASIC.
- Strap Bill Gates to a chair and make him watch 24 straight hours of "BANZAI."




- Put cats in charge.
- Put people in butler suits and have them serve the cats.
- Put forum trolls on litter duty. 



- Any channel showing anime should be made available to everyone (not just those who have the most expensive TV package).
- Schools should have an 'anime day' when the students can watch anime.

- Make anime producers sell their stuff cheaper.
- Pass a law forcing all British children to learn Japanese as a second language. [Copycat!  (see my post below)--Darkness087]



- Make an anime channel...what?  They have one already?
- Make every school have uniforms...and they have to be all Japanese-esque.
- Fr33 anime for all.
- More PSO... modem connections?
- Begin genetic testing for the X gene... when it's found mass produce it and sell it online.  [Yet again, proof that you can find ANYTHING on eBay.--Darkness087]



- Worship nonexistent fantasy figures as gods/godesses...wait, we already do that...

- Burn things.

- Destroy the abminations known as pop-up ads.

- Burn more things.

- Pass a law requiring all American children learn Japanese as a second language.

- Did I mention burning things?

- Have EDSs mass-produced in the real world, minus the rejection flaw (sure, it's all fun and games 'til someone loses a face).

- Replace the U.S. government with a bunch of drunken monkeys (it'd still be more efficient).

- And last but not least:  Burn things!

Megatokyo is a copyright of Fred Gallagher and Fredart L.L.C.  I'm just an obsessed fan, nothing to see here...