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Darkness087's Completely Pointless Megatokyo Source Page
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T3h L1|\|k463
The Holy Freak Regime Manifesto

Since this site is pointless in the realm of MT, here's some more meaningful sites!


--The basis behind the Madness

DietWaterCzar's Guide to Megatokyo: the Clans

--General MT:tC stuff.  Needs updating, but should always be the first stop for a newbie entering forum RPs

Psieye's MT:tC Guide

--More updated that DWC's guide, plus rough character power rankings.  Doesn't cover all the basics of RP, though.

And now onto the faction sites:

Church of Miho homepage

Kimiko Army homepage

United Fangirls of Largo-sama homepage

Yuki Liberation Front homepage

N1NJ4 homepage

Megatokyo is a copyright of Fred Gallagher and Fredart L.L.C.  I'm just an obsessed fan, nothing to see here...